All-time favorite movie?

*This is a hard one. I have to go with a top 5…
#1 The Exorcist
#2 The Disney classics (I can group them into one, no?)
#3 Insidious
#4 Rocky Horror Picture Show (I used to perform with the shadow cast at the Vogue Theatre)
#5 Hairspray (the John Waters original)

What foods do you dislike?

*OLIVES… and fruit with non fruit things. excluding chocolate.

Describe your closet.

*An infinite abyss

How long have you been doing hair?

*I’ve been doing hair for about 6 years now. Before that I was half heartedly persuing a BA for a couple years in collage. I realized I had no interest in that kind of schooling, took a year off to work full time, and in that year I realized I needed to be a hair stylist. It was an uphill climb to get funding for school but was well worth it. I still can’t believe I get paid to do what I do!


What date on your calendar you are looking forward to?

*The first week of October this year- Our next Disney trip 😀

What CD is in your car?

*I usually go with an Ipod, that is generally on shuffle.

Heavy rotation seems to includes everything from Hall and Oates to Genesis to Matt and Kim to Marylin Manson to Missy Elliot to HAIM to Die Antwoord to all the Disney classic tunes… and everything in between.

Favorite ride at Disneyland?

*This is another tough one… There’s so much. I prefer the dark rides, and tend to stay away from the roller coasters or anything that goes off the ground.
If pressed, I would have to say Pirates of the Caribbean. I could literally ride it in a loop all day long.