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Your favourite Disney Enthusiast

This is an image of Samiee Kwandibens, a stylist at B-Bombshell Salon

Samiee Kwandibens


$65 / hour

Available Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday


Samiee's hair journey started at a young age when she discovered an interest for cosplay and evolved into a passion for hair! Previously working as a make-up artist, Samiee is at home working with a full spectrum of colour. She particularly specializes in blonde, balayage, and vivid fashion colours. She loves to give flowy, floaty hair to her clients and give ethereal vibes.

In her spare time, you can find her out in the wilderness or binge playing Animal Crossing or Zelda (or both! Why not both?). Samiee has been to 10 US National parks (to date) and is a big National Park Nerd. If she isn’t out enjoying nature, you will probably see her with her Switch in hand, or watching her favourite TV show, Parks and Rec! Some of her other interests include Star Wars, Marvel and nostalgic & comfort gaming. Samiee is a huge Disney fan and is confident she can answer any question brought her way. Samiee is also neurodivergent and welcomes all neurodivergent beans into her chair

Samiee has been at the salon since 2022. She feels she has finally found a place she fits in and belongs! If you're looking for a calming, relaxing experience with a chill nerd, Samiee is here for you!


Sun Sign - Cancer

Favourite Video Game Series - Animal Crossing and Legend of Zelda

Favourite Comic Book Character - Rocket Raccoon

Favourite Movie Genre - Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Action

Favourite Food - Gallopinto & Bubble Tea

Favourite Board Game - Puzzles!



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