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This is an image of Shar Cuthand, a stylist at B-Bombshell Salon

Your favourite Mystical Witch

Shar Cuthand

She / Her

$75 / hour

Available on Sundays for a limited time!


Shar graduated from VCC in 2018, but has been passionate about doing hair since she was young.

As a curly hair-haver, Shar loves helping other curly folks embrace their natural texture and care for their curls. She loves working with all lengths, and is really fond of doing razor cuts! A fan of a beautiful colourful balayage, Shar also loves to give people a pop of fun colour to help their hair match their sparkling personality. She is also an aspiring makeup artist!

In her off time, Shar likes to play musical instruments, makes candles and jewelry (anything creative, really), and spends a lot of time going on walks to enjoy nature and do photography. Shar’s geekiness extends to the occult, and she also enjoys reading Tarot cards, studying the Zodiac and collecting crystals.


Sun Sign - Aries

Favourite Video Game Series - Skyrim & The Witcher

Favourite Comic Book Character - Catwoman

Favourite Movie Genre - Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Favourite Food - Burritos



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