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Service Guide

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Barber Cut  (30 Minutes)  $25-$50

High and tight! Barber cuts use clippers for the majority of the haircut.

Short Cut  (45 Minutes)  $37.50-$75

Some clipper work may be done for these looks, but typically short cuts are done entirely with scissors or a razor for added texture.

Medium Cut  (60 Minutes)  $50-$100

A medium cut is any style that falls between the bottom of the ear and the top of the shoulder.

Long Cut  (75 Minutes)  $62.50-$125

This is any style that falls below the shoulder but isn't near mid-back. If you can tie it up, it's long!

Extra Long / Extra Thick Cut  (90 Minutes)  $75-$150

All hair that falls past mid-back is considered to be extra long. If you have hair that is shorter than this but is particularly thick, this may be the correct choice for you.



B-Blowout  (60 Minutes)  $50-$100

A celebrity style blowout! You'll look like a Hollywood B-Bombshell. Includes wash and style, with lots of product to ensure lasting power. We recommend contacting the salon for elaborate styles to ensure we have enough time.

Wig Styling $85-$100+

Working on a cosplay and need some help with your wig? We've got you covered! Contact us to get connected with a stylist.

Updo / Event Styling  (Time and Price Varies)  $$$+

Wedding? Fancy dinner party? Just going out and want something a bit extra? This is for you! Style is based on your preference--photos are always recommended. Can be half up/half down or a full updo. Pricing is based on time taken to achieve your look! We recommend contacting the salon for elaborate styles to ensure we have enough time.

Hair Tattoo  (15 Minute Add-On to Haircut)  $20-$25

Add a cool design to your 'do! This can be added to any undercut.

Colour, Texture and Extension Services

All of our colour, texture and extension services require a consultation beforehand. 

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Check out our Stylist Bios Here!

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