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Your favourite Starship Captain

Talisa Correa


$105 / hour


Talisa is a very calm and charismatic person. She works incredibly well with children and treats every client like a friend. When it comes to hair, she loves creating styles that are fun and manageable.

She is exceptionally skilled with curly/wavy hair, and is adept with other hair types. Her favourite things to do are fashion balayages, grey blending, and low-maintenance cuts and colours.

Talisa spends most of her time watching TV while snuggled up with her various critters–two cats, and a very floppy basset hound–and playing Dungeons and Dragons. She has video game experience, but considers herself to be on the other end of the “geek spectrum” (sci-fi, fantasy, comics, etc).


Sun Sign - Taurus

Favourite Video Game Series - Kirby

Favourite Comic Book Character - The Incredible Hulk

Favourite Movie Genre - Horror Comedy

Favourite Food - Pizza

Favourite Board Game - Scrabble



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This is an image of Talisa Correa, a stylist at B-Bombshell Salon
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