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This is a picture of Kirby, a stylist at B-Bombshell Salon

Your favourite Shade Sorceress

Kirby Szymczak


$50 / hour

Available Tuesday and Thursday

New Talent


If you’re looking for a boldly colourful stylist to transform your hair, Kirby’s your gal! She is incredibly passionate about creative colour in all forms - from painting prismatic rainbows to vibrant buzzcut tattoos. Her goal is to help create a vibe like you’re straight out of a character creation screen.

Kirby’s hair journey started as a young teen staining her parents basement bathroom red. She worked for 2 years as an assistant at Field Trip Hair before graduating from the Hairstylist program at VCC in 2023.

When not in the salon, she’s probably wrapped in blankets, surrounded by snacks and her two cats while she games. If she’s not perfecting her animal crossing village or stardew farm, she’s fighting monsters and slaying demons. She’s a proud isopod mom & a lover of all things cute & creepy!

Kirby will enthusiastically embrace any crazy ideas you’ll throw her way, and will work with you to reach your hair goals ✨


Sun Sign - Capricorn

Favourite Comic Book Character - Schierke from Berserk

Favourite Movie Genre - Fantasy

Favourite Food - Everything Sweet

Favourite Board Game - Mario Party



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