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This is a picture of Scarlet Witch from Marvel comics
This is a picture of Vie, a stylist at B-Bombshell Salon

Your favourite Marvel

Vie McKenzie


$55 / hour

Available Saturday to Tuesday


Vie is new to the hair world and is the first graduate of our B-Bombshell Apprenticeship Program! After completing her program at Blanche Macdonald in the summer of 2023, she spent 3 months working closely with her stylist mentor, Lindsay Heighton, to fine tune her skills and unleash her inner B-Bombshell!


Vie has always had an interest in hair and creative self expression but it wasn’t until she found she could use her passion to help people feel good about themselves that she decided to pursue a career in hair. She loves being able to be a chill friend who also happens to make you look fabulous!


Vie's favourite things to do with hair are creative cuts and colours like bold face framing pieces and textured shags. Vie is passionate about fashion colours and loves creating bold styles that are tailored to her client's vibes. She will do everything she can to have you leaving the salon looking like your best self!


In her time away from the salon you will find her crocheting and cuddling up with her two hedgehogs, Henry and Krick, as well as watching anything from Marvel (dare you to ask her about Phase 4) to the Flanaverse films and shows. She loves many different genres of music from alternative hip hop to indie and will gladly talk about any of these things for hours.


Sun Sign - Aquarius

Favourite Comic Book Character - Scarlet Witch

Favourite Movie Genre - Thriller

Favourite Food - Sushi

Favourite Board Game - Clue



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