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Your favourite Muppet Show Host

G Arcand



$50 / hour


G walks the planet as an artist before anything else. Self-expression is priority number one both personally and when it comes to every soul who graces their chair here at B-Bombshell.


They love the drama, if you’re looking for a big change G is your guy. They have great adoration for punk influenced shapes and textures, and grabbing inspiration from specific references, creating a hairstyle that is uniquely yours.


In their everyday life G is most happy consuming drag related media, petting as many dogs as possible and collecting nostalgic treasures/oddities to further clutter their bedroom. G is a homebody, they’re down for an adventure by day as long as they can recharge with a comfort movie or tv show by night.


After attending hair school in 2023 and spending three hardcore months as an apprentice, its now time to hit the stage. G’s goal is always to make someone feel a little more comfortable in their skin and put a smile on their face!


Sun Sign - Cancer

Favourite Video Game Series - The Sims 

Favourite Comic Book Character - Garfield

Favourite Movie Genre - Comedy/Fantasy

Favourite Food - Cookie Dough



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