Radioactive Nerd - nerdy skirts for geeky girlsLast night B-bombshell Salon decided to invite our friends from Radioactive Nerd and Jasmin Makeup Artistry to the shop to host a make up, jewelry and clothing party!

Radioactive Nerd makes all sorts of geeky women’s apparel – from beautiful Star Wars A-line skirts, to TARDIS cardigans! The owner, Jackie, is always up to date on what the current fandom trend is. You’ll find other things such as Attack on Titan, Star Trek, Sailor Moon, Harry Potter and much more!

There are so many amazing items for stocking stuffers or small gifts for friends and family. This is a local business and everything is handmade 😀

Jackie and Jasmin just recently started carrying make up as well. To keep with the nerd theme, you will find a line of Pokemon eye shadows (i just bought “Not very Effective” and White Out!), Game of Thrones, Marvel, etc.


You can find these items on the radioactive Nerd facebook group:

and Jasmin’s work at:


The event was a trial run for friends and family, but we’re planning something (hopefully for the very near future!) to host at the salon during business hours that our clients are all invited to! We’ll keep you updated and let you know as soon as dates/ times are all set ;D

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