Foodhammer is about getting tabletop gamers together with one goal in mind- raise money for the Langley Food Bank.

This year, our manager Jen got to participate in the X-Wing tournament. It was a day long event, with 4 rounds. During each round, the point value for the teams escalated. So the first game was played with a 60 point list, and the last round was played with a 150 point list. It was fun to see the lists that were created  (all for fun and to help a good cause) and even though it was a tournament, it was nice to see people just enjoying themselves without all of the pressure to win.

Jen went 3-1 through out the tournament and came in second place overall.

The event raised $556!


For more info, check out the website:



Calen, the winner of the tournament



getting ready for round 1!

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