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Living in the lower mainland, amongst endless trees and flowing oceans, we are blessed with true beauty. Unfortunately, our waste directly impacts that beauty. As hairstylists we see a lot of foils in the trash, excess color rinsed down the drain, and perfectly good hair go straight to the landfill. For the majority of our lives as (fabulous) stylists we have just assumed this was the way it had to be. Then, a wild Green Circle appeared!

Green Circle is a program designed for salons and spas to help recycle the things we thought unrecyclable. Their services are spread all across Canada and they are currently helping over 600 salons!

Earlier this week, we sat down with Jen from Green Circle who explained what her business was all about and how we could get involved. We learned a lot about what our waste can be used for and how easy it can be to go green! One piece of information we found extra cool was that our discarded hair gets wrapped up and used to help soak up oil from spills! Is that not the coolest?!

All of our papers, plastics, gloves, metal foils, flamboyage foils, excess chemicals, and more are gathered up by Green Circle and delivered to the appropriate recycling facilities to ensure we are making the most out of everything we do. It feels really good to know we are doing everything we can to protect the place we love!

Added efforts do mean added costs, so starting February 1st there will be an eco fee when you visit us. Luckily, the fee is only $1.50 (less than the cost of transit to visit us in the first place!)

We’re super excited to be participating in this program and can’t wait to get started!


To learn more about Green Circle go to http://bc.greencirclesalons.ca/.