It’s been a busy summer so far! Lots of people are chopping it off, and coloring it bright (or leaving it long and ombre-ing it up)!

We have been doing so much awesome stuff lately and wanted to showcase off a few of our favorites!


Here’s what we’ve been up to…


~Ashley Reddy~ “Summer Sweetness”


Ashley was inspired by “pink lemonade” for this look. What a success! Just looking at this sensational style makes us thirsty!!

By combining a soft pink with a vibrant yellow tone, she created a dynamic summer style for her client.


~Jaimie McCloy~ “Blonde and Badass”

11714431_10155768849020481_1930160292_n 11739487_10155768848830481_590289372_n

Jaimie did this undercut with lots of layers on top to encourage volume, and brought the sides and back in to ensure her client could feel that summer breeze! (this style is super popular right now!)

For the color, Jaimie lightened the regrowth to blend with the ends, then toned with a warm beige to keep it soft and beautiful.


~Jen Cleroux~ “Midsummer Night’s Dream”


Ombre with a lavender twist! Instead of going for a classic blonde ombre, Jen opted for something a little bit more fun and drastic. She used Pravana Pastels to achieve this soft lavender/silver color throughout the ends of her client’s natural curls.


~Ryan Paul~ “Blue Emerald”


To achieve these amazing aqua highlights, Ryan used the Flamboyage technique–distributing the shades by grabbing random strands of hair with a sticky meche, as opposed to traditional weaved foils.

He finished the look with a disconnected undercut, slowly graduating the length on top toward his client’s face.


~Talisa Correa~ “Dark Pheonix”


Talisa used Davines color for this fiery red ombre.

She used “Flambalayage” (as she calls it)–combining Flamboyage with Balayage–to get this beautiful blend of color. Shattering layers and plenty of texturizing help to bring out the best in this client’s full-bodied curls!


~Nicky Stiller~ “Peach Passion”


Nicky used a variety of techniques and colors to achieve this refreshing look! Taking note of her client’s ivory skin and jewel-toned eyes, she was able to create a beautiful, complementary color to keep her looking fresh and fabulous all summer long!



Looking forward to more summer favorites as the season continues!