This will be the start of a new series to introduce you to the staff that work at B-bombshell Salon!


In this first post, we introduce you to hairstylist and manager, Jen Cleroux.




PC vs console gaming?

Console gaming for sure. I played SimCity and Oregon Trail as a young kid but as i grew up i started playing more Nintendo systems. Super Nintendo, Game Cube and the new DS systems are my favorite.

Current hair inspiration?

I’ve been watching a lot of Agent Carter and Downton Abbey lately, so i’m really liking the classic styles. Also, i love that i’m seeing so many bright, vivid colors and that people are really embracing multi-tonal hair with a pop of color.

How long have you been doing hair?

I graduated from Martier School of Hair and Esthetics in Feb 2006. After that, i worked at a salon in Metrotown for just over 8 years as a hairstylist and manager. When i contacted Ryan and found out he was about to open B-bombshell Salon, i gave my notice and have been working at his shop ever since!

When did you know you wanted to do hair?

I always had fun styling my sisters hair for school dances, or just trying out different updo’s or curling iron techniques. It wasn’t until i worked a few years in fast food and retail before i decided that i wanted to get more serious about doing hair. My friends mum was a teacher at Martier, so it made the decision on which scool to attend quite easy. Also, those who know me know that i love to talk. Being a hairstylist just seemed like the right thing to do!


What got you into gaming/ nerd culture?

I started playing board games and video games in high school. My friends and i would get together on weekends and play Risk or Donkey Kong Country. Now that i’m older, not much has changed. My friends and I still love to get together and play different board games, video games, etc. I started going to conventions a few years ago and around that time i also started collecting comics and Star Wars figures. I would definitely have to thank my husband for getting me into table top gaming and Star Wars (movies and animated series) but my friend Ryan is the one who started me on the Star Wars:EU and collecting figures (he’s got quite the collection of books and figures himself).

Anything else you might want to add?

I’m really excited to work in a shop that has no judgement and accepts everyone for who they are and what they love. We’ve been working with a lot of local groups and events to get our name out and it’s been so rewarding to meet all of these new people in the community!