What always makes you laugh? 

-Fanfiction…..the more grammar mistakes, the better!

How do you describe what you do for a living to your friends? To strangers at a party? To your family?


Favorite Character:

-That would have to be Dante from the Devil May Cry series (not the rebooted version…..no.) he weilds a giant sword, two guns and is hilarious. He’s also super stylish and extremely good looking. What’s not to like?!

How long have you been doing hair?

– I graduated from Suki’s Academy and have been doing hair for about six years. I’ve been “hacking” and experimenting with my own hair, since my high school days. I moved to a couple different salons around burnaby and apprenticed at a couple salons downtown. The last salon I worked in was in the point grey area and was there for about three years.

Current Inspiration?

-I’m always inspired by Japanese styles, especially when it comes to hair and makeup. I’m currently into a style called “gyaru”. For clothing, I like to mix lighter pastel colors, with grungier /darker pieces.


Favorite genre of video game?

– Survival horror is my favorite! If there’s anything weird, creepy and gory…I’m probably going to like it.