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Energy Sword from Halo Video Game Series
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Your favourite New BFF

This is an image of Jia Cain, a stylist at B-Bombshell Salon


She / Her

$60 / hour


Jia is your new bff! Living her own fantasy, she dies for bright fashion colours and blondes, as well as healthy hair and wig making. Obsessed with hair, nails, Nintendo, anime, the beach, and music festivals! Despite all that, she still manages to make time for two kids: a rat and a bunny. Raising them is hard work and a top priority. She and her fam love vacationing in their Minecraft beach house.

With a personality blend of Sailor Moon, Care Bears, and She Ra, this Tamagotchi delivers you limitless fun in the salon and confidence in yourself! Featuring bleachouts, balayage, and beachy texture, nothing makes Jia happier than making dreams into reality!


Sun Sign - Aries

Favourite Video Game Series - Halo

Favourite Comic Book Character - Misa Misa

Favourite Movie Genre - Documentaries

Favourite Food - Sushi

Favourite Board Game - Monopoly



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