B-Bombshell Salon is finally open for business! Come celebrate with us on Saturday August 9–we will have games, prizes, snacks, and more!

We will be open from 10-6. Come hang out all day, or just for a bit–we want to see yo faces!

Schedule of activities

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM — Swag Bags for the first 20 people!

11:00 AM -12:00 PM — Dramatic reading of “Verily, A New Hope” (Shakespearean Star Wars) by Janet Whyte

12:00 PM – 2:00 PM — Sujimori How-To with Ashley

2:00 PM — Video Game Music Jeopardy (With Prizes!)

4:00 PM – 5:30 — Cosplay Q&A w/ Emmaliene Cosplay and Zophar Ptay

5:30 – 6:00 — GRAND PRIZE DRAW!!!!

There will be random prize draws and Mario Kart Drag Races throughout the day.

We will also have a professional photographer and pseudo photo booth set up, so make sure to bring your smiles!

Raffle prizes

Raffle info

Things that will earn you a raffle ticket:

  1. Walk through the door! All you need to receive a ticket is be there to celebrate with us 🙂
  2. “Check In” on Facebook for an extra ticket
  3. Come in a super awesome Cosplay (or regular cosplay. Either way–cosplay=ticket) for an extra ticket

To be eligible for the GRAND PRIZES:

Book an appointment for a service while you are at the opening (cut, colour, or style). Appointment must be for within 30 days of the event (meaning anywhere from August 10th-September 9th). You will receive your prize when your service is complete! Simple as that!

Good luck to everyone! Looking forward to seeing lots of happy faces!

About the Cosplayers

Emmaliene is an official Geek Girl and has been an active cosplayer since 2009. Her most well-known cosplays are her Femme Star Trek and Sailor Scouts–done with her cosplay group, Pantsu Patrol.

Zophar makes and builds armor for his cosplays. He has this to say about building his props:

Prop building makes for a great and fun excuse to learn and practice as many building techniques as you wish to learn. As an example, to build my Mandlorian I first sketched it out on paper, then used 3D computer modelling to visualize it, built that model out of cardstock using a technique known as pepakura, made a few tweaks and when I was finally happy with it, I built it out of fiberglass and painted it. Currently it is getting fitted out with an electronics suite of my design for communications as well as visual- and sound-effects.