Owner and stylist, Ryan, has a longtime friend and client named Kelly that has had MS for about 20 years. No one wants to watch their friend be sick and not be able to help!

This year, we at B-Bombshell Salon have decided to help Kelly in her quest to raise money and awareness for the terrible disease that affects almost 100.000 Canadians.

Here is how you can help us!

From now until Friday May 8th, we will be doing a Mario gummy candy guessing contest (guess how many gummies are in the jar!).

Each single guess is $2, or 3 guesses for $5.

At the end of the contest, the person who guesses the closest to how many gummies are in the jar will win a FREE HAIRCUT here at B-Bombshell Salon!

All proceeds will be donated to “Kelly’s Krusaiders” in the Tri-Cities walk which in turn will go to the MS Society of Canada.

Thank you!