18522_10154372326062837_894887928154636568_nThis year B-bombshell Salon had a table at Metropolis Comics and Toys for Free Comic Book Day. This meant spending the entire day meeting some really cool people, seeing amazing costumes and getting to talk comic books. This event happens on the first Saturday every May (this year it was May 2nd).

It’s a day for people to head to their local comic book shop to pick up some of the assortment of free comics, participate in a costume contest, enter a raffle and check out some of the amazing deals the store has to offer (Metropolis Comics always has a sale on everything- at least 10% off everything in the store)

Jaimie and Jen arrived at the shop at 11am to set up the table, and there was already a line up! Comics went quickly, and the raffle was huge! They had prizes ranging from a Halo 1/6 scale figure to free movie passes.

Here are the pictures of our adventure 😀


Jaimie and Jen hanging out at the B-bombshell table. Photo taken by Melissa Dex Guzman


Our table neighbors, Geeks versus Nerds!



Jen ran into a couple Eeveelutions just before the costume contest- Umbreon came in 3rd place and Vaporeon in 2nd!


It’s always a good idea to have the 501st around for security 😉



You can see more pictures of the event on Facebook.