Fandom FeudLast night a couple of us decided to check out a new local geeky event- Fandom Feud!

Now imagine playing the game “Family Feud”, except instead of general knowledge Q&A, they replace it with a wide variety of sci-fi, comic, cartoon, and video game Q&A!

When you first arrive, you are given a raffle ticket. These tickets are used to call people on to the stage and create the teams.

Jen happened to be the first name called up to stage for round one, along with 3 other team mates. Team two included Ryan, David and a couple other people picked from the crowd.

The questions were hilarious, and the answers even better. Why would Pikachu not be your first choice for a mythological pet if you could have one?!

They rely on their fans taking a quick survey through their Facebook group to collect the top answers for the questions they’ve come up with. So if you didn’t like any of the answers you saw at last night’s show, make sure you participate in the next survey!

Fandom Feud is looking to continue their events in the New Year, so please check out their Facebook group to get updates on future dates and venues.


Fandom Feud