Client reviews

B-Bombshell provides a unique mix of professional hair stylists who know what they are doing and a Gamer/Geek fun flair. The salon is warm, welcoming and fun and the stylists know what they are doing. Better yet they love what they are doing.

It is a pleasure to go there and the bonus – you come out looking WAAAAYYYY better than when you went in!

Michelle B.

I got an awesome cut, and I wanted a fun colour (while still being on the professional side) and Ryan worked with me to make it happen!

The decor and atmosphere is great! And the music had me humming along. Will be back! And will be telling everyone I know to go as well! 😀

Alex P.

Handsome man

After procrastinating on going to a salon to get my hair done, I came across B-Bombshell through word of mouth and Facebook, made an appointment and went into see Ryan.
Let me tell you if you’re a geek, nerd or just a lover of the universe this is the place to go. Great conversation and great group of people. Felt like I was just hanging out with a bunch of friends.
I had no clue what to do with the mess I call hair but Ryan managed to make it awesome with colour and cut and style. Best be sure I found my new hair salon.
Quick note: everyone there is amazing at hair and Ryan just knocked it out of the park. Thank you so much.

Awesome cuts and the best atmosphere. Not only did I walk away with a great haircut, I had a blast, too!

The salon has a great energy to it and a wonderful welcoming vibe that can only come from people who really love what they’re doing!

Talisa made my hair a wonderful shade with great highlights!

The atmosphere in this place is fantastic, everyone is so friendly and where else can you borrow a Nintendo DS to play while you are waiting for your colour to set?

The decor is fun and the conversations are so awesome, about video games, conventions, comics, tv and anything else you can think of!

I won’t be going anywhere else to get my hair done from now on, because Talisa and B-Bombshell are both so fantastic!


I am not super geeky – while I will admit to liking mainstream geek entertainment like Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, etc, my gaming is strictly limited to Bejeweled on my phone when I’m waiting in line somewhere. But B-Bombshell is a truly welcoming and comfortable salon for anyone, even if you don’t have any geek cred. The staff are really friendly and easy to talk to. Most importantly, you will leave with awesome hair. Ryan has been doing my hair for a couple of years now, and I’m always thrilled with the result and showered with complements the next day at work.
Janine R.

This was my first time at this salon to see Nicky Stiller, my new stylist.

Let me tell you, it was a perfect experience! The atmosphere is so comfortable and you don’t feel judged when you walk in. I really liked how personable everyone was in the salon and they didn’t treat you like you were in an assembly line or that they were robots!

They all are genuine and real! Smiles all over the place and you felt at home! Thank you so much for the experience! I most certainly will be back!

Alicia B.

Great cut – great service – great staff. I would highly recommend B-Bombshell and I’m not even a video game fanatic 🙂
Jennifer V.

Loved the great personal service. Loved how they got me and what I wanted. They don’t just give you video game haircuts here, they give you a fantastic haircut that may or may not be inspired by the video games you love. Give it a try and you’ll come back for each haircut.

B-bombshell Salon certainly is THE place in the lower mainland to get your geek and salon fix!

Jen is excellent as always, and the nerdy motif really enhances the whole experience!

Lindsay S.

Had a wonderful morning with Ryan. My long hair is beautiful and red once again.

I loved the atmosphere, it is fun and relaxed. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, after all where else can you go for fantastic hair and video game and comic conversation 😀


I had my hair cut by Talisa and haven’t gone a day without it being complimented!

I got a great cut and awesome magenta peek-a-boo highlights from Jen. Instead of a 3 hour chore, it was such a nice, pleasant experience with friendly staff that it’s a pleasure to chat with.

We covered all sorts of geek & non-geek topics and I was also really happy to hear that they have signed up for Green Circle Eco-Friendly recycling program! Yay for fun and responsible salons!!!

Jennifer F.

Great! Just marvelous! Got a cut and dye and let the Stylist Jen have control and LOVED the outcome!

My girlfriend and I had a great experience getting our hair cut here. The staff were quite geeky and actually fun to chat with! Even the stylists not cutting my hair were enthusiastically joining in the chat. Lots of fun decor and a great welcoming environment.
James C.

Awesome haircut, Awesome people.

Fantastic aesthetic–where else can you play Mario Kart while getting your hair cut?

William W.

What an awesome salon! I read about it months ago was so pleased to see it actually happened.

A great lil place, with fun stylists who do some badass cuts. They even had art work from one of my fav artists.

I won’t be going anywhere else. 🙂

Ryan G.

Went there for the first time today… LOVED IT! Wanted to be a part of every conversation! The staff were super friendly, and how fun it was to say to my stylist (the amazing Ashley) “I want to look like Dante from DMC” and have her know exactly what to do instead of looking at me like “…wtf?”Also the music was amazing, not to mention the playlist seemed to be handpicked for me, playing my favorites from Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy 13. XD

Excellent! I can’t wait to go back!

Sherilyn M.