The salon has a great energy to it and a wonderful welcoming vibe that can only come from people who really love what they’re doing!

Tessa W.

Happy client

  • Geekiness 100% 100%
  • Fanboy 80% 80%
  • Parkour 10% 10%

Ryan Paul


“I love the hair industry, and I love the geek community. Being given the opportunity to have a combination of both in my life is a dream come true. I am so thankful that I have been given the gift of having the best job with the best team in the world, and every day I’m grateful for everyone in my life that has supported us and will continue to do so in the future!”

Ryan is the Dungeon Master of B-Bombshell Salon.

His passions include retro gaming, Final Fantasy, MMOs, Legend of Zelda, anime, Buffy, Game of Thrones, Rupaul’s Drag Race, and helping others to succeed!

  • Obscure Seinfeld references 80% 80%
  • Simpsons Trivia 60% 60%
  • Real Life 5% 5%

Talisa Correa

Salon manager and stylist

Talisa is a very calm and charismatic person. She works incredibly well with children and treats every client like a friend. When it comes to hair, she loves creating styles that are fun, but manageable.

She is exceptionally skilled with curly/wavy hair, but is also adept with other hair types. Her favourite things to do with colour are ombres, full-head fashion colours, and peek-a-boo highlights!

Talisa spends most of her time watching TV while snuggled up with her various critters–two cats, and a very floppy basset hound–and playing Dungeons and Dragons. She has video game experience, but considers herself to be on the other end of the “geek spectrum” (sci-fi, fantasy, comics, etc).

So if you’re looking for someone easy-going and friendly, Talisa is your gal!

She ain’t ‘fraid of no hair.

Jen Cleroux
  • Star Wars fangirl 100% 100%
  • Tabletop gamer 85% 85%
  • Video games 30% 30%

Jen Cleroux


“Hi, my name is Jen and I like cosplay, comics, and just about anything sci-fi, especially Star Wars!”

Jen has been doing hair since 2005 and is well versed in all aspects of hair but really enjoys doing short, edgy haircuts as well as fashion color.

She believes that a great experience at a salon starts with a thorough consultation and educating her clients on how to take care of their new look.

Jen is very outgoing and talkative so there will never be an awkward silence!

She enjoys going to local sci-fi, comic and cosplay conventions and regularly plays tabletop games at a few local board game stores.

  • Demon slayer 100% 100%
  • Black Mage 50% 50%
  • COD Expert 5% 5%

Ashley Reddy


Ashley is the resident Colour Mage of the salon and her brilliant, stunning colours have been seen and praised everywhere from New Westminster to Tokyo!

An alumnus of the prestigious Suki’s Academy, Ashley has been styling for 8 years. She’s a specialist in balayage hair painting and has taken inspiration from current Japanese styles and fashions. Countless people have left Ashley’s salon chair happy with a new, vivid ombre or with long, romantic curls.

Beyond B-Bombshell, Ashley is also a veteran cosplayer who frequents the local convention scene. Her gaming interests range from the stages of Street Fighter to the worlds of Final Fantasy to the horrors of Silent Hill. Recently Ashley has also taken more of an interest in comics (particularly DC). And yes, while she is an unapologetic makeup and fashion follower, Ashley also happens to be a grossly hardcore horror geek that loves all things spooky.

Book your appointment to be “ble$$ed” by Ash’ today!


Alex Healy


Being raised by a hippie-turned-punk mom and a raver dad, Alex is a laid back guy with strong roots in alternative music, fashion, and film. Before finding his true calling in hair styling, Alex started off as a film student. Holding on to his passion for film and everything alternative, he draws inspiration from old movies and popular culture for his haircuts. He specializes in clean, classic barber cuts, tight fades, and hair tattoos. He also has passion for hair of all lengths and bright colour designs. Whether you’re looking for a fade, vintage inspired ‘do, or to keep it a little more modern, Alex will hook you up!

In his free time, Alex likes chillin’ at home with his cats, playing SNES, or watching a Ghibli movie; if he’s feeling extra spunky, you might find him out at a local show. He’s also an active member of the LGBTQ community and takes part in local fundraisers and events whenever he can.

“I’d love to kiss ya, but I just washed my hair! Bye!” – Bette Davis, The Cabin in the Cotton (1932)
“I give up! I see no point in living if I can’t be beautiful!” – Howl, Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

  • Sailor Soldier 100% 100%
  • Class Clown 80% 80%
  • Super Saiyan 0% 0%

Jashper Paras


Once upon a time in the sandy plains of Saudi Arabia a young boy named Jashper sprouted to life. He moved to Canada and blossomed into the hairstylist you love and trust!

Jashper is a graduate from Blanche Macdonald and loves doing natural and classic looks that are timeless but never stuck in the past. From highlights to ombres and fun fashion colours, he has the magic touch.

Jashper puts so much love and passion into his styling with big bouncy curly blowouts or straight glossy sleek looks he’ll find a way to make you fall in love with your hair all over again. And for the men, don’t feel left out — Jashper will have you looking like Prince Charming with a clean classic men’s cut or tight fade (horse not included… unfortunately).

Jashper has a rather eclectic array of interests and hobbies, so when he is not making hair magic you can find him playing Overwatch (mostly widow maker) and Pokemon or laughing his butt off at cartoon/anime titles like Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Pokemon, South Park, American Dad and Steven Universe. He also likes to keep active IRL with competitive cheerleading in Langley and taking his dog on long walks.

Come see Jashper for a fun and entertaining hair experience!

A dream is a wish your hair makes

Taylor Campbell


From the land of Hyrule, there lived an elf named Taylor, who loved to style & play with the other forest creature’s hair. She enjoyed it so much, she decided to embark on an adventure to fulfill her passion. Along her journey, she learned from many powerful and legendary beings that bestowed her with the ability to form fun and creative styles and colours. Taylor continues on her quest to become the heroine of hair to create the most magical and mythical styles in all of the realm.

When Taylor is not busy saving all of the hair in the land, she enjoys playing video games, watching anime, attending cosplay conventions and watching movies, especially sci-fi/fantasy. Just some of her favorite video games include Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Halo, Phantasy Star, Resident Evil, Doom and Animal Crossing.

When not playing games, you can find her watching anime such as Death Note, Terra Formars, Inuyasha, Blood+, Sailor Moon, Re:Zero, Cardcaptor Sakura, Food Wars, Studio Ghibli titles & Pokemon. She loves anything sci-fi or fantasy related, including the LOTR Trilogy and any of the Alien and Predator movies. Once in a while you can catch her attending the local cosplay/gaming conventions. Taylor also has a strong passion for Japan culture, Kawaii culture & J-fashion.

Begin your hair journey with Taylor to level up your look while nerding out & having fun!

“Even in the deepest darkness, there will always be a light to guide you. Believe in the light, and the darkness will never defeat you.” – Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Evann Hutton


Evann has a passion for making people feel their best, whether that means a bold new colour or a big change! Deep punky colours, pixies, bobs, lobs, and fades, she loves styles that are edgy and creative.

Evann is a bookworm through and through, and is well versed in all genres ranging from Harry Potter to Stephen King. A theatre enthusiast and total band geek, she spends her free time working with high school students as an Assistant Director for school productions, but her true love is being centre stage.

When she’s not stealing the show at the theatre or working some hair magic, Evann can be found tending to her cacti and studying to be on Jeopardy. If you appreciate long discussions about Harry Potter or anything horror related, she’s the stylist for you!

Lindsay Heighton


Lindsay has been playing with hair as far back as she can remember. When friends would ask “want to play outside?” she would reply with “how about I play with your hair instead?!” When high school came around she found herself spending all her time in the theatre. Eventually she ended up doing haircuts in the change rooms for her cast mates. Finally she was free to go get her degree and really start creating masterpieces!
Seven years of doing hair later Lindsay has seen it all! You name it, she’s up to the challenge! Her personal favourites are doing all shades of the rainbow anywhere from pastel to neon, or bright and beautiful blondes! She also adores long mermaid length hair where the possibilities are endless. Her dream is to recreate a Harley Quinn hairstyle to bring her favourite character to life!
In her spare time you will find Lindsay at home playing a range of video games such as Skyrim, Legend of Zelda, Batman Arkham City, Resident Evil, Stardew Valley, Dark Souls, you name it! She also just started playing D&D and could spend hours on a single quest! She has a passion for fantasy, but also loves anything scary, dark, and twisted. You may also find her watching Rupaul’s Drag Race, American Horror Story, The Office, Lord of the Rings, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, South Park, Studio Ghibli movies and pretty much anything Jack Black is in!
Lindsay is very attentive to your thoughts and ideas and will do everything in her power to make your hair dreams come true!

Dongyuan Chen

Junior Stylist

Dongyuan is a recent graduate of Vancouver Community College’s hairdressing program and has been excited to get into the stylist life with the B-Bombshell team.

Don’s interest in hair began after regularly dyeing his own hair when he was younger. Since then, he’s gotten comfortable with a pair of clippers in his hands doing barber cuts and skin fades as well as styling longer hair.

Away from the salon, Don enjoys watching nature documentaries, fashion and shopping online. Offline, he likes going to the gym and playing basketball.

In his early teens Don used to be a serious 16 hrs/day Maple Story gamer; nowadays he’s more likely to be found playing NBA 2K on his Xbox… albeit clocking in slightly fewer hours than in his youth.

Don also speaks many languages, and is comfortable conversing in English, Cantonese and Mandarin!

Welcome to the team, Don!

Shae Vickers


Photo and bio to come.

Shar Cuthand

Junior Stylist

Photo and bio to come.

Sherilyn Moreton

Salon Mom/Hamster Enthusiast/Front End Manager

Sherilyn spends her days making sure the reception side of the salon is running like a well-oiled machine. When she isn’t at work she’s daydreaming and writing fantasy, planning for her next D&D game, or playing games on her PS4.

Late at night she spends time with her hamsters, who she builds elaborate themed cages for, despite the fact that they don’t seem to care about it.

Sherilyn is passionate about making every experience the best it can be, so come say hi and chat about the newest Dragon Age!

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